Spiral Magnus Tested at NASA Wind Tunnel

Since Spiral Magnus Wind Turbine is based on a relatively new concept, theoretical analysis has not been fully developed yet. Unlike propeller-type wind turbines, simulation software does not exist. Although the field test may be the best way for testing wind turbine  capability, it is not appropriate for a short term development test because the field test requires an extensive period of test time, and steady wind stream is not guaranteed.

Fortunately we found out through Internet that NASA California (Ames Research Center) had large scale wind tunnel facilities. We wanted to use the NASA’s giant wind tunnel, so we made a rather bold plan to test our actual full-scale model (10m) in their facility. After numerous negotiations and massive paperwork submitted, we finally passed the rigorous examinations to permit us to perform our testing in NASA facility.

The parts of the wind turbine and our testing staff crossed the Pacific, and the testing was successfully performed January 24th - February 16th、2007 under the full cooperation of the NASA staff.

The important lesson we have learned from this experience is that if the will is carried through with belief, it can get the point across to the other party, and the goal can be achieved, even for a small company like us.



  1. Performance Test: Optimization test of cylinder spin speed to wind speed (data for gaining maximum lift force) was performed up to the maximum wind speed 25m/s.
  2. Strong Wind Test: Confirmation of the strength of the wind turbine against wind speed was performed up to the maximum wind speed 50m/s, and safety was confirmed.





Entrance sign


The wind tunnel facility is located at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California.


We learned that it was very unusual for a private citizen, besides, being a foreigner, to enter the facility to do work inside.

Because photography was entirely prohibited inside the facility, all the photos shown here were taken by NASA staff. Though we were not allowed to take shots freely, we hope you can get some air of the place from these pictures.