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MECARO was founded in 1998 as MECARO Akita, and started as the company mainly dealing with designing and manufacturing machinery used in the production line of factories.

While the business ran smoothly, I spent a lot time thinking about environmental issues, especially about wind power generation in particular.

Wind changes its course so irregularly in Japan that it is said that Japanese wind “pulsates”.
Akita where we live is a windy region with the wind blowing from Sea of Japan, and yet almost all the wind turbines standing here are foreign-made.

While environmental awareness is high in much of Europe with advanced technology and measures widely employed in the society, there still remain many parts in the world where people live without electricity. Thinking more and more about this reality, I came to question myself, “ Don’t we need the wind turbine better fit to Japan’s wind condition? Don’t we need the wind turbine that can be installed in every corner of the world and appreciated by people there?” Keeping in mind the wish to work for helping people in true sense of the word, I deepened my interest in the wind power energy.

With the collaboration of the partnership with the government, industry and academia, and four years of trial and error, we were finally able to transform the Magnus theory into the wind turbine.
This was a moment when MECARO Akita came into being as the wind turbine manufacturer.

When you have a vision, you will find a way, and people gather around. MECARO Akita has been supported by such people.

As of July, 2007, "MECARO Akita" was renamed to "MECARO Co. Ltd" to have our name better known. We are now ready to offer our commercial model "Spiral Magnus” to customers.  

Along with you, we wish to go on the process of protecting this one and only Earth from the warming and choosing a future for which our children will thank us.

October, 2007
Takashi kato